Phil Lovell

Phil Lovell

Phil Lovell

Drummer and Percussionist

Phil started drumming at the age of 3 on a junior drum kit, prior to that on pots and pans ( he had very tolerant parents) while at school Phil was encouraged to start singing in the school choir and performed in several school musical productions. Later he tried the trombone but didnt get the satisfaction that he got from thrashing skins in school bands, something that was to captivate him for life.

Phil later joined the Drum Corp in a highland pipe band becoming a drum sergeant which lead to him teaching drums to the up and coming ranks.

Phil has a love for choral music which has lead him to sing all over Europe in a choir. he can also play Sax, Piano, Guitar and Trombone.

Over the years Phil has played in many bands covering a range of music including The Sex Pistols, Lenny Kravitz, The Beatles and Andrew Lloyd Webber, etc.etc.etc. trust us he has attempted everything. Prior to The Commitment Brothers Phil was drummer with the local band Monkiejamm, touring the length and breadth of Britain, winning a Midlands Battle of the Bands, several music festivals and rocked the Cavern Club a few times, and was even offered an audition for a famous rock band.

Phil says “ I love session drumming and have recorded a few albums in various studios with various talented musicians”.

Equipment includes:-

pearl 1984 dx7500-7300 series, Simmons electronic drum kit ( 80`s style) Love it!! full set of Zildjan cymbals, Mapex 5 piece kit - now retired and a plant holder in the garden, Drumcraft Series 4, 6 piece... this is so light yet provides a solid deep crisp tone