Deadwood Hickman

24625_536933866328223_231967676_nMark “Deadwood” Hickman (Bass guitar and Trumpet) has been playing music for nearly 40 years starting out as a euphonium player in various brass bands in the High Wycombe area where he trained to be a cabinet maker.  In 1987 he moved to Grantham and continued to play in brass bands until after 24 years of playing brass, he took a change of musical direction learning to play acoustic guitar.  He jumped at the opportunity to play bass in the new line up that is “The Commitment Brothers” easily fitting in with the remaining four, highly accomplished musicians. His past follows him though as he picks up the trumpet when the need arises. He continues to play acoustic 6 and 12 string guitar and vocals in the electric/acoustic duo “Identity Crisis“ which he formed with Matt "Tango" Ellerby in 2008 as well as playing solo gigs.